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High Temperature Chamber Furnaces

BRF - 1400°C to 1800°C Maximum

Top Loading Chamber Furnaces

TLCF - 1200°C - Top Loading Furnaces

Laboratory Chamber Furnaces

1200°C - Laboratory Chamber Furnaces

General Purpose Chamber Furnace

1200°C, 1500°C & 1700°C - General Purpose Chamber Furnace

Ecomomy Chamber Furnaces

BCF & BMF - 1100℃ Maximum

Air Recirculating Chamber Furnace

750 °C - Air Recirculating Chamber Furnace

Lazar Arrow™ Complete Micro Measurement Laboratory

The Ultimate Solution for Micro Research on Almost Any Budget

Binder Vacuum Drying Ovens VD/VDL

Vacuum Drying Ovens VD | VDL Series - Absolutely Reliable Drying

Material Test Chambers

M Series 53 Material Test Chamber with individual programming

VD Series Vacuum Drying Chambers

Model VD 115 Vacuum drying chambers for non-flammable solvents

Vacuum Drying Oven

VD 23 - Vacuum drying oven for non-flammable solvents

FDL Series 115 Safety Drying Ovens

Silicone and Dust-Free Inner Chamber

RND Vacuum Pump

Chemical Resistant Vacuum / Compressor


The Gill AC is a high specification automated Potentiostat, Galvanostat and Zero Resistance Ammeter with integral Frequency Response Analyser.

ClimMate set-aw

Hand-held instrument with large sample chamber to measure larger sample quantities or even bulky samples.


Portable aw-meter with no sample temperature control.


Portable aw-meter with no sample temperature control.


Flexible and fast water activity meter with large touch screen.

Endecotts Sieve Shakers

Wide range of Sieve Shakers suitable for all types of sieving and samples

Endecotts Minor 200

Sieve Shaker MINOR 200

Hydrolab HLP 5UV

Hydrolab Water Purification System

JVi SeriesTapped Density Tester

Measures the Tap Density of Powders, Granules and Similar Products

DSG Series Density Meters

The Quick & Precise Density Meter for Busy Laboratories and Factories

BM38 Series Biological Microscope

BM38 Series microscopes are economic, practical and easy to operate.

GEA PandaPLUS 2000

Absolute quality and reliability with advanced technical solutions for any process need.

GEA TriplexPanda Lab Homogenizer 600

Absolute quality and reliability with advanced technical solutions for any laboratory need.


Absolute quality and reliability with advanced technical solutions for any process need.

Oil-less Vacuum Pumps / Air Compressors

Tritech Pump TR-40 and TR90

Endecotts Test Sieves

Endecotts test sieves meet every national and international standard including ISO and ASTM.

OMVE HT220 Series Lab UHT/HTST System

Highly automated sterilizer starting at 20L/h

Pol-Eko Climatic Chamber KKS 115

Climatic Chambers with steam humidifier

CF213 & CF214 Can Seamer - Carbo-Fill®

Carbonates, fills and seals with integrated can seamer

ADP600 Series Digital Polarimeter

Available as single, dual and multiple wavelength derivatives

ADP400 Series Polarimeters

Single wavelength polarimeters with low maintenance LED light source.

OPTi Digital Handheld Refractometers

3 selectable scales from an onboard library of 50 - including the full 0.95 Brix range.

LabMaster-aw neo

Top instrument with full temperature-controlled chamber.

Binder Drying Oven FP Series

Drying and heating chambers with forced convection and program functions

CF121 Bench-Top Carbo-Fill®

This Bench-Top carbonator accurately injects a wide range of CO2 content into water.

RFM300-T Series

Three decimal place Brix precision digital refractometer with peltier temperature control

Air Sizer Endecott

More features, greater control, shorter cleaning time


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